Joe and Ann Pasquesi started their plumbing and heating business, in their tiny kitchen office on Second Street in Highland Park where they had set up shop. Joe was honored that noteworthy people on the highly respected North Shore were calling and trusting him to come to the rescue.

In those days, if a part was needed for a job that wasn’t in stock, Joe would “borrow” the part from his own house, which, unfortunately meant that the family sometimes went without that part for the day until Joe returned it . And he always did–asap! With three boys in the family, Ann saw to that.

It was a humble but glorious start. The name Pasquesi got passed around by mouth (not by Twitter). People were happy to recommend not only a master plumber, but a man who also mastered exceptional service and the willingness to put his name and reputation for honesty on the line with every job.

The Governor’s Plumber

Talk about being flushed with pride, Joe had good reason to be when he was appointed by former governor Thompson to serve on the Plumbing Advisory Board for the State of Illinois, where Joe happily served for six years. In the interim, he continued to work hard, successfully building his business and serving the customers he valued so much for their trust and loyalty. They did (and do) stay true and the name “Pasquesi” built a huge following over the years (for testaments to treasured respect, see Pasquesi testimonials).

John, David and Steven have followed in their parent’s steady footsteps and built up the North Shore business to include the plum best: Plumbing, HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning), Sewers and Drains, Sumps and Pumps, Kitchen Remodeling, awesome New Construction, Light Commercial Work, Preventative Maintenance and more.

In recent years, the latest technology has redefined Pasquesi capabilities and speed of responsiveness. The brothers are proud of their business, built on the foundation of trust and quality inherent in the family name. We’re located at 3218 Skokie Valley Road along the RT 41. We’re always happy to welcome visitors.

Try Pasquesi yourself. Contact us for the craftsmanship and service you’ve been looking for and deserve.