Kitchen & Bath Remodeling--Designed to Shine by Pasquesi

If you’re like most people, you want these rooms to function flawlessly, and that has a lot to do with plumbing.

You want convenience, quality and performance guaranteed, from the garbage disposal in the kitchen, to the water pressure in the shower to the excellently-working commodes. If you want all that, getting it's as easy as remembering the last name called first for plumbing needs on the North Shore: Pasquesi.

To turn that dream kitchen or bath into a reality you'll be hiring and working with an architect and a general contractor. We are known and preferred by many of the top architects and contractors on the North. There's a very good chance they will hire us to lay the foundation for plumbing excellence in your new kitchen or bath, but in case they're going in a different direction, please steer them to us with a recommendation. We'd be delighted and honored for us all to work together as your remodeling dream team.