A family legacy of quality, honesty, integrity and fair pricing since 1976

It’s a Dark and Stormy Night…on Chicago’s North Shore and just as you’re nodding off, you hear a terrifying crack –not of lightning, but of a pipe in the basement bursting. Water floods in. Chaos reins. Oh no! Your newly finished basement; rugs, beds, costly furniture, the big screen TV.

Who you gonna call? You're gonna' call Pasquesi Plumbing. For more than 40 years, Pasquesi has been the last name called first on Chicago’s north shore because of exceptional quality and trust. There are other reasons too, like integrity, remarkably fast response and fair pricing.

Call us at (847) 433-3426 -- on Weekends, on Thanksgiving (no kidding), anytime day or night.

The reigns of this family business have been handed over from Joseph and Ann Pasquesi to their sons John, David and Steven, right along with unsurpassed expertise in the business. Plumbing is just where the exceptional services begin. No wonder we're the "go to " guys on the North Shore, not only for residents, but for businesses and municipalities and all those who have tough standards and big expectations. We never let anyone down.

The Kitchen Sink in Trusted Services
Plumbing (our mainstay).
Sewers/Drains/Sump pumps (stop the flood before it starts).
Kitchen & Bath Remodeling.
Light Commercial work.
New Construction (Your contractor wants to know about us).
The Pricing is Right
We take pride in transparent straightforward pricing. There are no clubs, other gimmicks or coupons to try and persuade you to call us. All our LONG-TIME customers call us because of our quality work and we don't try to hide our labor rates or material charges in Flat-Rate Pricing Quotes. We charge for time and materials and keep accurate track. After many years in business, we've learned that customers want to pay for the EXACT amount of labor-time and material it takes to complete a job - and that's EXACTLY how we charge.
The highest compliment our clients can give is the referral of our company to their
family and friends.

``With all of these wonderful people who recommend us, we really must continue to provide the best service at the best possible price. We've worked hard to establish our reputation - and we guard it.

~ Joseph R. Pasquesi

Customer reviews

Company did a great job of identifying the problem and scheduling it as early as possible.  Final bill came in under original estimate and took less time than originally proposed.
Two workers did an incredible job in stifling 100 degree heat.  They had to dig two very deep trenches to correct the problem.  They backfilled the area with good topsoil and I was able to successfully reseed the lawn in affected area.

Karen F.

Great service, on time, explains the problem and solution. A great family business, I will use them again and recommend them to anyone.

Linda E.

Apparently, they are the go to plumbers for our condo building, so when we had a leaky faucet, we called them.  We were able to schedule something right away and service was fantastic.  Not only did they arrive within the time slot we were given but they said that they charged per half hour.  The first initial visit was only 20 minutes and he marked it saying that was 20 minutes towards the next visit.  After we had all the parts, he was able to fix everything necessary with great service!  Thank you again!

Dee W.

We needed work done immediately. The office assistants (two very friendly and knowledgeable women ) said they’d have someone call me asap. George called, showed up at my house and guaranteed the company would repair three problem areas over the wkend if needed. (in time to close our house the following Tuesday)
The owner showed up on a Friday night to review the problems and said two of his workmen would arrive Monday at 8 a,.m and have the work done that day. – which also saved me overtime hours on a Saturday.

I fixup houses and know plumbers in the area. None were as professional as the Pasquesi company. I met three of them and they were thorough, fast, and very reasonable. Told me up front the hourly price. I actually expected the job would cost more. Nice experience.

Erin F.