“Pasquesi" -- The Name that Tames Sewers and Drains

Toilet backed up ? Sink, tub or sewer clogged? Drain Problems? Call Pasquesi!

Pasquesi Plumbing on Route 41in Highland Park has been taming sewers and drains on the north shore for generations. We’ve fought hard to earn and keep a name that stands for high-quality, fast , affordable, trustworthy sewer and drain cleaning services. We use the latest in equipment and technology to tackle any challenge and save you money. Call 847-433-3426 and know you’ll receive the quality of service you’d expect from a well-known, reliable, local, sewer and drain professional.

Night or Day there’s a Night-and-Day Difference

  • Family owned and operated since 1976 
  • All work 100% guaranteed
  • Save money! Our expertise and experience cuts
    time on tasks
  • Trustworthy service at reasonable prices
  • Background checked, uniformed, clean and courteous technician
  • Licensed, bonded and insured — plus you’re assured of the highest quality work you can find
  • Sewer Rodding

    Rodding has come a long way since Joe Pasquesi began the family business. Today, we put technological teeth into rodding jobs using cutting edge tools to obliterate the obstruction blocking the pipe. We shear off any protrusions such as tree roots and shave away years of sludge buildup. With our equipment and years of expertise, you’re back in the flow again in “know” time (pun intended).

    One huge recommendation: You should definitely have your sanitary and storm lines rodded out at least once a year. It’s worth every dime of preventative maintenance to prevent the danger and giant cost of broken pipes, or possible sewer back up into the basement. Let’s talk and we can even come out for an inspection to keep you on the safe side.

  • Hydro Jetting

    Pasquesi stays on top of the latest technological advances to reduce cost and keep customers happy .Hydro jetting–one of our newest service options–is a whole new advance in drain opening. Hydro jetting sounds powerful and it is. It uses extremely high-pressure jets of water to blast away pipe clogs, decimate sludge accumulation and even slice and dice infiltrating tree roots that can cause dangerous and costly blockages.

    Hydro jetting systems are now successfully used to clear and clean drains ranging all the way from 4-inch home drains to large municipal sewer lines.

  • Video Camera Inspection

    We rely on the latest video technology to help us identify where problems are occurring in pipes underground, in cement or even under your home’s foundation. Using a flexible rod with a specially made waterproof camera mounted on top, our trained technicians steer the camera through the pipe and its flexibility allows it to travel around corners and view the pipe in its entirety. Real-time video imaging allows our trusted technicians to determine the condition and problems inside the pipe.


    • Video inspection saves time and time is money.
    • You eliminate guesswork; we know precisely the type of problem we’re dealing with–root intrusion, pipe breakage, pipe misalignment, etc.
    • Businesses like restaurants and grocery stores appreciate video inspection to prevent grease buildup, obstructions and leaks..
    • Smart home buyers are wise to have us do a quick video inspection of the sewer line before buying the home.
  • Storm and Sanitary Line Repair or Replacement

    Storm drains and sanitary lines are not the same. Your sanitary sewer line carries sewage from your house to a facility where it can be treated. In some areas, sanitary sewers are separate from storm sewers, which carry the runoff of rain and other water away from the home. Both lines are critically important and need the best care and repair available.

    If you have a problem Call Pasquesi 24/7/365.  It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about your home or a commercial site, our highly experienced and trained technicians can help with all types of storm, sanitary drain and other challenges including clogs, backups, slow drains, broken pipes, gurgling drains and more.

    We take pride in a Pasquesi crew few others match for proficiency, speed and courtesy. including the installation, cleaning, maintenance and repair of:

    • storm sewer lines
    • sanitary sewer lines
    • water service and pipes
    • toilets, sinks and laundry tubs
    • bathtub and shower drains
    • hot water tanks (gas and electric)
    • sump and well pumps
    • gutter and downspout drains

    How an Ounce of Pasquesi Prevention Saves the Day and a Bundle

    Take preventative measures today to stop problems tomorrow. Having key systems checked on a regular basis and installing some systems that can truly save the day makes much dollars and sense. You’ll never have to say, “Oh, if only we had installed a sump pump or a back-up battery, our collection of Norman Rockwell paintings and (more importantly our wedding photographs) would not have been ruined.

    Here are other smart, home-saving, bank-account saving, memorabilia-saving, inconvenience-saving maintenance ideas: 

    • Install an outdoor sewer cleanout so the sewer can be rodded from the outside of the house.  This way all the sewer equipment does not need to be brought into the house.
    • Sump Basins–if you have a basement with a floor drain, a laundry sink or a bathroom group you may need a sanitary eject basin and pump that can eject or lift the waste water to a gravity sewer drain. We can help you “pump it out.”
    • Back Water Valves
    • Floor Drains; Get excess water out of there fast before it can cause damage. Make sure floor drains are built in.
    • Window Wells  Are you sure your window wells are in good shape? Let Pasquesi check them..

    Prescription for Healthy Savings

    Many customers get an annual checkup because they know if they catch something not so great early enough it can cut down or cut out costly results later on. Being preventative is being proactive and smart.

    • Kitchen sink faucet and piping
    • Garbage disposal
    • Hot water heater
    • Tub and shower valves
    • Bathroom plumbing/piping
    • Outside spigots
    • Sewer and drain
    • HVAC equipment
    • Air cleaners and humidifiers
    • Sump pump and battery back up
    • Ejector pump

    For savings now and down the line, Pasquesi is here to help.